Liahm’s 50th

A beautiful day dawned and we headed off to try and bag Liahm’s 50th…Carn Liath (48), Stob Poite Coire Ardair (49) and Creag Meagaidh.

We agreed to do it ultra lite and set off to try and attempt it in 6 hours.  Unfortunately we added half an hour on to this but I accept our decision to come off via Puist Coire Ardair and Sron a Ghoire probably added to this.  However the views were cracking walking down the ridge and it was fun coming off the shoulder.

The climb up to Carn Liath is bearable and then it is a great wide ridge walk over to the second Munro.  A steep drop and pull up completes the circuit.  This is definitely a great way to do the three Munros at one time.


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Ben Chonzie 8.7.14

We were off chasing better weather and managed to sneak a rain free day in.  I turned up at my pals, and managed to persuade her two to come with me.  So a total of five children and two ‘adults’ set off to conquer the peak. Number of previous Munros in brackets


Liahm (46)  Noah (1)  Luca (1)  Molly (8)  Bea (1)

Fuelled by McVities digestives (still loyal to the end) and Skittles the kids raced ahead.


That’s Bea and Luca waiting for us at the bend!

We topped out in 2hrs 20.  A great time.


Summit photo.  They do look happy don’t they?

We the preceded to have fun on the way down.

Asked the best and worst of the day.  Worst – going up.  Best – swimming in the river at the bottom (no photos available!)


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Ben Nevis with a friend

So following on from my rant, which unfortunately Razza got the full force of (I apologise Profusely), a few photos of me doing my first ascent of the Ben with a friend.  Not surprised I hear you cry given your draconian views on Litter and Erosion, however I must say that I had a ball.

The weather was good, predictably Razza had prepared well, and scooted up and down the mountain in no time at all.  I was the one pointing out beautiful views to slow her down.

Well done my love and a great total raised.

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Ben Nevis Rant

So I have ‘only’ done the Ben seven times this year so far.  Not bad for a local guide.  I fear that soon this may stop altogether.

I have posted continually about the way I feel about the abuse being heaped on our Iconic mountain.  I try my best to help out by clearing litter and helping on footpath repair workshops.  However all I see is the problem getting worse.

Elite runners feel they have the right to use shortcuts which lead to water erosion on our paths.  It also encourages the ‘normal punter’ to do the same.  They also run off the constructed paths (as the stones hurt their feet).  An enormous amount of cost has gone into fixing the Ben path this year.  Just walk down from the new wooden bridge and see where the runners are already running on the sides of the path and undoing all the good work.

Three Peakers feel that they are ‘doing this for charity’ therefore can shout at you for being in their way, drop litter (I presume they expect the magic fairies to pick it up), and take shortcuts.  The plethora of bottle pulls is associated with large groups on organised hikes being given (particularly Evian) by the organisers.

Day Trippers feel that this is no different from being in their cities so drop their ‘rubbish’.  You can’t expect them to carry ‘rubbish’, can you?

Increasingly taking punters up the Ben is an embarrassment for me.  Who to talk to – Rio Tinto, SNH, Nevis partnership, John Muir Trust?  Three of these are committed to protection of our environment, yet little has been done.

As I glide serenely into my ‘purple stage’ what to be done:

(1)  Toilets

(2)  Big Signs

(3)  Rangers and fines

Draconian maybe, effective definitely, and I bet cheaper than repairing the paths, and better at preserving the natural environment. Anyone able to help me progress this, please do.








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Rob Roy Tours May and June


Had a lovely two days out with Rob Roy at the beginning of May.  Here are the photos for my guests.


Then had one day on Ben Nevis as no-one wanted to do Stob Coire a Odhair.  Not one photo taken!

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Winter is over (apparently)

This gallery contains 4 photos.

All my friends who are Winter Guides are packing up their ice axes and switching to rock.  I decided to have a nostalgic walk up Bidean nam Bian on Saturday having a few hours free.  Winter is definitely NOT over!!! … Continue reading

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A Ramble Alone! – one ice axe or two!

I set off to scope a route for a Bronze DofE group up into Coire Giubhsachan.  However as I had a full day free I decided to extend my day.  In the car park I had debated one Ice Axe or two.  The answer was two would have been better.

Once at the Beallach and my  job done, I set off up the East ridge of Carn Mor Dearg.  The predicted weather arrived and the wind was fierce needing three points of contact.  I had to put Crampons on fairly soon and kept them on for most of the rest of the day.  The ridge was finely defined and definitely a ‘ridge’

On summiting Carn Mor Dearg, I contemplated taking the easy route home and picking my car up later.  However I decided to give the Arete a try.

The Arete was magnificent.  I had never done it in winter before and it was fantastic walking along the peak of the Arete – just needed to watch out for those gusts which threatened to blow me off.

Once at the top of the abseil posts I headed south west and down into Coire Eoghainn.  Then down the water slabs to my car.

In retrospect the route was difficult enough without the wind and blizzards, however I rediscovered my love of the mountains – I have been a bit of a weather lightweight recently either with clients or kids.  Today I tested myself fully and acquitted myself well.

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First Ultra Lite Munro

Beinn Teallach 914m

We had left this one and it needed to be done.  Today dawned bright and clear so we set off.  However decided to try out our new trainers and me to try out my legs.  We parked in the layby and headed off up the forest track then cut through onto the path by the river.  We discovered the first downside of ultralight – wet feet.  And the water was cold.  The river was low enough to cross on stones and we cut up to the top of the forest then headed up the hill.  We kept to the east side of the mountain as there was a bit of wind.  2 hours and 10 mins to the top which unfortunately was clouded in mist.  We followed the path down then cut to the top of the forest.

We then followed the green path alongside the river back to the car – we could have taken this on the way up which would have been a much nicer ascent (follow the green topped posts).  Total time 3.5 hours – not bad for an old girl.

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Three Munros – 03/10/15

Carn Mor Dearg.  Aonach Beag.  Aonach Mor

Liahm and I had done no Munro bagging this year and with views to the Ben from our new house went on an epic day.  We drove to Torlundy and went up the new path onto the approach to the North Face path.  We then headed directly up onto Carn Mor Dearg, a bit of a slog but with direct access onto the ridge and fine views we managed really well.

Top of Carn Mor Dearg

Top of Carn Mor Dearg


Pointing to our new house

Pointing to our new house

At the tree

At the tree

We then headed down the ridge towards the Aonachs.  Liahm had a wee wobble but did well.  The pull up onto the ridge is fairly steep.  Not a good descent and probably difficult to find from the top (we met a couple of tourists running around on the top looking for it!).  Both Aonachs ticked we headed down to the west of the ski field and cut down through on some convenient cycle tracks to the car park.  1800m of climb.  Not bad for a wee jaunt

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Rob Roy Tours w/c 27th July

Another week with these great clients and what a treat I had on Monday.  The weather was kind to us and after reaching the top of Stob Coire Odhair with 18 intrepid clients (see picture of them all in the mist), I managed to leave the majority with James, and took seven ‘fitties’ off to bag a second peak.

I love the route up Stob Ghabhar from there and the wee airy scramble along the aptly named Aonach Eagach.  By descent we forgo the tricky scramble down the side of the waterfall and the possibly very wet river crossing and instead headed directly South towards Clashgour and picked up the track home from there.


My trail of very obedient Germans


The 7 on the top of Stob Ghabhar

On Wednesday we once more set up the Tourist route to the top of Ben Nevis.  Connor from Abacus Mountaineering was also there….

We managed to stay together as one group despite my best efforts to separate the groups, and had fun on the ascent.  There has been significant snow melt since I was last there, but still enough to have a play on.  The gullys are still complete as shown by the crazy guys who skiied them at the end of July (posted on my facebook).

A great group and time for a wee Radler in the Ben Nevis Inn before we were picked up.


Another long line following Connor this time…


The snow finally receding


The summit – free of snow as last

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