Blackwater Reservoir

I have only made it up to here once before so enjoyed going up there with MaryAnne, Thomas, Liahm and Luna.

We went up on the North bank of the river, up through the ruins of the German prisoner of war camp.  we carried on up and crossed the ‘ruined bridge’.  Liahm and I went around it, but Thomas and MaryAnne went over the top!

Bravely crossing the bridge

Bravely crossing the bridge

We then walked on up to the Dam, which is a bit further that you think it is.  Here is a poor arty attempt at Liahm holding up the Dam

The Blackwater Dam

The Blackwater Dam

We didn’t cross the Dam itself, but found a path down below it, and then headed up onto the outlet pipe.  The boys and Luna had great fun walking down the pipe.

Luna on the outlet pipe

Luna on the outlet pipe

The walk too is five hours and this is probably the quickest you would want to do it….but a great wander out into the wilderness on one of our Beautiful west Coast days




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I am a mountain guide based in Ballachulish near Glencoe. On this site I will be sharing my guiding activites
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