Winter is over (apparently)

All my friends who are Winter Guides are packing up their ice axes and switching to rock.  I decided to have a nostalgic walk up Bidean nam Bian on Saturday having a few hours free.  Winter is definitely NOT over!!!

All a bit snowy...

All a bit snowy…

I went up into Coire nam Beith and then up right to the Bealach between Stob Coire nam Beith and An Stron.  Before I had gone far I needed ice axe and crampons as the snow was hard.  The ridge walk over to Bidean was exhilarating with plenty of examples of Cornices etc.

I decided to go up Stob Coire nan Lochan – never being one to retrace my steps, and found the ridge walk down hard work and steep.  My mantra – ‘best not to fall here’ was repeated often.  I met a couple of skiers who had had an icy descent into avalanche gully, but had a better slide down into the Hidden Valley.

The walk to Stob Coire nan Lochan was easy and it was beautiful on top. I had a look at Broad Gully but decided it was too banked and hard, so headed South down back into Coire nan Beith and home.  Dinner Time buttress was also an option but I decided to not tempt fate twice in one day.


Anyone reading this who is thinking of heading into the hills please note that on all North faces the top of our Munros are still banked out and during this recent and continuing cold weather, the snow is hard and icy.

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I am a mountain guide based in Ballachulish near Glencoe. On this site I will be sharing my guiding activites
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